MiniShare is meant to serve anyone who has the need to share files to anyone, doesn't have a place to store the files on the web, and does not want or simply does not have the skill and possibility to set up and maintain a complete HTTP-server software such as Apache. The application is meant to be as easy to use as any common software most users use daily. However, this doesn't mean experienced users can't find it useful.

HTTP was selected as the protocol, since it's pretty safe to assume anyone with the possiblity to use the Internet has access and can already use a web browser, so the receiving end doesn't have to install any special software. MiniShare doesn't compete with "real" HTTP servers, it's mainly aimed for common users needing a temporary way to have files accessible for others. It's useful also for transfering data over a LAN (for example, you could listen to your mp3s on someone else's computer).

The files that the user wants to share are drag'n'dropped on the application (or added via a standard file dialog) and the URLs for the shared files can be easily copied on the clipboard (with the IP address pointing to the user's computer). Since this application doesn't use any P2P network and only the selected files are shared (i.e. unlike most HTTP-servers that directly use the file system), so the user does not have to feel insecure.

Another important thing about MiniShare is that even if it's aimed for the common user (used to use glamorous and pretty software), the program weighs less than 100 KB and at least tries to leave the smallest possible memory footprint.

MiniShare is available for Microsoft Windows (Win98 up), written using MinGW (C/C++) and released under GPL General Public License.

The program has already been in use and development for two years, and the concept has been proved working.

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